>my first and possibly last post

>I’ll start by posting pictures of my garage/studio. I like it quite a bit, perhaps even more than any other space I have ever had. I share the garage with Jake, his manly tools and motorcycles.



After my time at Penland, I should write about that later, I started making cups and drawing on them. It’s probably a direct effect of being around Brooke Noble and Megan LeVesseur.

I went through a brief phase of drawing and making decapitated heads and bodies with flailing genitals…good times, but not the right ally. I like to call this 3 month venture post grand school angst.




I like the style and am ready to move on. I’ve always been interested in people interacting with my work, specifically touching it, but somehow it never gelled together. Cups!! cups are my answer!!!

so now I’m focused on making sets of cups with unique drawing on them that interact with each other in a group setting. Here is some of my greenware, I’m looking forward to the next firing.




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