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>Back in sunny, not so sunny, North Florida.

I need to get this out of the way, the John Britt workshop rocked my ceramic world. (which is currently my entire world)

He is such a wealth of information and is nicer than nice. I’ve never seen anyone dance to a variety of music like he does. Feeling comfortable in an environment is essential for me to learn and soak up information. I came away with a good understanding of the variety of roles each chemical takes on in glazes and had a blast mixing and making test tiles. I also had my first introduction on how to fire a gas reduction and the gajillion ways to fire a kiln.

even if you aren’t working with hire fire clay, his book “guide to cone 10 glazes” is wonderful and you can gather a lot of info for a range of firings.

Also the other people in the workshop were just amazing. I’ll be posting pictures soon. yay.


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  1. >Hey Monica, It was an amazing workshop, JB is full of it!


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