>part 1

>First I grab my greenware at before leather hard stage.


I also get my brush and wax resist.

Brush the wax resist where i want to draw. Sometimes it is a tiny area, sometimes it’s the entire pot. make sure you shake the waz up real well and add 2-3 layers of wax. A thin application will make the underglaze bleed through.


Because it get’s humid in florida and things don’t dry quickly I set the cup in front of my trusty space heater for a few minutes

Then I grab my carving tools. Usually a pen, nail, toothpick, and tweezers that i have pulled apart. Carve my drawing into the waxed areas.



Brush underglaze onto the carved areas. The underglaze should get into the lines and pool on top. Take a moist sponge and wipe off excess.



2 responses to this post.

  1. >This process looks like so much fun to me! Makes me wish chemicals didn’t bother me so much. Thank you for showing the photographs.


  2. >Wow! This is so neat- i think I will try it, too! Do you think an oil based wax-resist would work?


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