>etsy shenanigans

>hilarious, okay well funny to me since i’m delirious and waiting for my kiln to get to temp.

for april fools the etsy mud team all decided to put a roll of toilet paper in their listings. Obviously I joined the fun because really.. i can’t resist toilet paper and potty humor. Because of this I got my butt in gear and listed 16 new items which double my etsy total. Yay! check out the wares.

bunny i made for the etsy mud team bunny challenge

party penguin bowl

heads i made at Penland over the summer. (there are 200 of them and poor jessica orlowski had to salt fire all of them, sorry jess)

the dunce cup pilsners come out of the kiln in the morning. another yay.

Happy April fools.

also if you didn’t know it is save water drink a beer day sponsored by 1thingforgreen


2 responses to this post.

  1. >the penquin shot is hilarious, and i thought yesterday was save water and drink beer day?… damn


  2. >So wonderful. Congratulations


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