>new sonogram. (turning into a baby blog?)

>Had he first trimester check up. The fetus has all of its parts! Legs, arms, spine, beautiful beating heart, nasal bone, bladder, stomach, and so forth. Everything measured well too. What a relief. I’ve been having dreams that the baby has multiple legs/arms and is actually a squid. When the squid arrives it attacks Jake and kills him. Weird? So it was a relief to see a baby with all the correct parts.

I’ve still been sick and unable to keep any food/liquid down for long. That should change tomorrow since i’m giving in and getting anti nausea drugs. I’m looking forward to eating a meal and only tasting it once. The heat/humidity in northern florida has been killing me. Note to self: if i’m ever nuts enough to do this again, plan around the summer.

anyway here are some new pictures!





5 responses to this post.

  1. >That dream is too funny!


  2. >i heard that those crazy dreams are normal… anyway glad everything is going along as it's supposed to… it's so very exciting. those sonogram pics are so bizarre sometimes, we elected to get the 3d kind to give to relatives, so i got them into photoshop and made Sofia's nose really long and then printed it out and gave it too relatives. i thought it hilarious but they didn't… so what's new right? anyway, glad things are going well.


  3. >They say its normal to pregnant woman. You'll be OK in no time.You're baby is extremely cute. Congratulations!


  4. >I have been spinning out in my own little world for a while and had no idea about this! Congratulations! How great!


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