>fetish ghost clear cone 6 glaze

I had been looking for a cone 6 clear glaze, I know… doesn’t seem that hard but nothing I mixed seemed to be “the one”. Well I was reading Fetish Ghosts blog (which i always refer to as fetish goat… don’t ask)

anyway his cone 6 clear liner is damn near perfect. LOVE IT!!!

Thank you for posting some of your glazes on your blog.

20 G-200 Feldspar
20 Ferro Frit 3134
15 Wollastonite
20 EPK
6 Talc
19 Silica

It doesn’t run, stays in place, great for wax resisting, not cloudy… love it.


2 responses to this post.

  1. >Cool! Liking that whale mug.


  2. >You are very very welcome! I love swapping recipes.I'm with Ron, the whale mug is awesome!


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