>new photos


I like how the whales are evolving.

My local clay supplier was out of the standard dark brown (until august..booooo) so I’m using highwater red something or another. I can hardly wait to get the dark brown back!!


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  1. >these are really nice! are these the ones where the kiln turned off because of the power outage??


  2. >Hi mel, yes they are. I suppose the power failure wasn't all that big of a deal, almost like a soak at 1100? I am curious though how the clay body would have turned out otherwise, or if it had any effect. I was really expecting a darker brown instead of the earthenware color. I just checked out your blog, those are some fantastic cups and pitchers! Are those your sculptures on the 2nd page of your blog?


  3. >I wonder if you could re-fire one or two pieces to see if would work to get those deeper tones of brown? Maybe just stick a piece or two into the next firing with your other pieces ;)Yeah, just read your blog post about my blog, thanks so much! I've been doing some sculptural pieces and those on the blog are some of them. I might start another one here soon, but am still scrambling for ideas. Until then I'm working on some functional stuff 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  4. >hi monica!the whale drawings are super terrific! love them!thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. i also recently found mel's blog and love it too!


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