>hot pots and a happy dance

>I’m done experimenting with glaze application for now. I’ve arrived at my happy place.

Did a 1/4 of a load just to be sure it would work out the way I wanted it to and for the first time ever, I wouldn’t change or tweak a thing. This is possibly due to only sleeping 15 min intervals from 1am- 5am and right now anything that isn’t a teething baby makes me happy.

Oh on a cool mom note, Hunter can officially say mom, mama and knows what it means 🙂 🙂 and he can mimic the word Jake. Not sure if he knows jake = dad yet but he can mimic and babbles it all the time. JAKE JAKE JAKE JAKE JAKE JAKE JAKE.

sorry for the bad pictures, I just snapped a quick few (or 10) via cellphone

Pink sperm whale serving bowl

green gray whale serving bowl

gray whale deep bowl

octopus and sperm whale cereal bowls


experimental pendents (some i dig, some i could live without)


3 responses to this post.

  1. >I really like this direction in your work. Really.


  2. >Thanks Judi, I'm really happy with this direction. It's nice to feel satisfied, even if I only have a few hours a week (if that) to making.


  3. >You should be 'happy' dancing. These look great.


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