>trouble indeed. more wreck pics.

>The plan was to unload the kiln this morning, add the divers on this afternoon and coat with clear glaze tonight, then fire so it would be ready to ship wednesday afternoon.


kiln gods and my inability to wait till the cups were dry enough turned my beautiful plan into this


Thankfully I have this little spaghetti monster to help me not have a total breakdown.


so.. Hunter summed up this day pretty well.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >AWWWW baby!!!!The best laid plans…NO rushing!!!!!Thank goodness that child is delicious!


  2. >OH. MY. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODness he is so damn cute. And "POO" – he's so perceptive as well! Totally overshadows the cup disaster – to which I add my own emphatic Poo! of sympathy 😦


  3. >so sorry to see you disaster. wondering if you have a computer controller on the kiln or not. if you do, you can hurry the process. i put some questionably damp things in the kiln regularly and before i "fire" fire, i run the profile that says go to 190 degrees, 100 degrees per hour and hold it for 2 hours. it kicks off and then fire as usual. if you don't have the computer controller, my condolences, such a great deal of work there. cute baby!


  4. >Oooh how I miss trouble coffee and the days I toted my own mug yhere for americanos. You are still inspiring to me. Perhaps you should do a mosaic mug installation on the outside under the window? Keep getting muddy girl. Ps. Cute baby


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