Etsy or Anthropologie


“Lately I’ve noticed that the items being sold at Anthropologie are getting more and more hackneyed. Its clear to me at least that Anthropologie is borrowing heavily from Etsy’s aesthetic, scouring their pages for all the forced whimsy they can find. Then they call up their army of 12 year-old Malaysians, and crank that phukery out all day long.”


5 responses to this post.

  1. >that's so phuckin funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. >you think? really? i just bought some sleeping pants + shirt at anthro and both were made in the US. so, was thinking they are going the opposite way…


  3. >I haven't been to anthro in forever, so I have no personal experience.


  4. >I've been in several different Anthropologie stores while props and displays were being made. I didn't see any "12 year-old Malaysians" at work, just regular old adults, like the ones who work in the stores.


  5. >Now I am tempted to go check out the big Anthropologie in downtown seattle just to play this new game!


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