“no prints can come from fingers
if machines become our hands
and then our feet become the wheels
and then the wheels become the cars
and then the rigs begin to drill
until the drilling goes too far”
-Jack Johnson- The Horizon Has Been Defeated

I find comfort in making art for every day use by hand for hands. In our increasingly technological world, between facebooking, tweeting always being available to anyone I get excited to take a break from it all, slow down, take a breath and make something tangible.

I am a part time potter working in Neptune Beach, FL.

I went to school at Lake Forest College for my BA in studio art and the University of Pennsylvania for my MFA in installation sculpture.

About the pots

The pots are stoneware fired to cone 5, (roughly 2200 degrees) All wares are dishwasher, microwave safe. Although with all  things handmade hand washing is preferred.

Each piece is individually made on a potters wheel then hand illustrated using some of the latest technology, rotating between a sharp pencil, nail and dull pencil.

Currently my drawings are inspired by my one year old son and living at the beach.


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