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super bowls!


Superbowl weekend is here and my husband grew up in Wisconsin worshiping the packers. So while he is running around yelling go pack go! I’m offering a 10% your entire order in my shop if you order a bowl.

I have some really nice ones in stock.

just enter coupon code : superbowl


>man oh man…

>Not sure what is wrong with me lately…

So this last kiln load… over fired. melted… later pots. I’ve had 3 days to sit in this information and stew. I’ve never blown up a kiln load or over fired. ever. Now two back to back mess ups.


So since I only have 3 bowls and 2 plates left, I closed my etsy shop and won’t participate in the December north beaches art walk. Bummer.

I haven’t had the nerve/heart/energy to go into the studio yet so I’ve taken this time to do some drawings and work things out design wise in my head. Not sure why i’m never satisfied with what I’ve got.

Hopefully I’ll get back on the horse this weekend and do some testing and test firing. (I fired to cone 5 with a 10 min hold and I only have 4567 cones in the kiln and all of them were down. :/ oops.

So here is what i’ve been sketching. I’m going to take 2 weeks “off” to do some kiln fixing/testing and working out some glaze color issues.




>beach days and missing cup


So it’s 88 in late october… so we’ve been spending some days at the beach. Hunter is fearless when it comes to the water. I had to stop him from diving (crawling) under the waves.

I’ve also been photographing and uploading some wares on to etsy. Which brings me to the missing cup. I unpacked everything left over from the art walk and seems like I’m missing a tumbler. :/ I hope it’s just misplaced. I know I didn’t sell it because it was part of a set.. and the rest of the set is here.

>i’m a dork

I get giddy when people notice my work on etsy

Sold that bowl this morning too 🙂

In other news: I love dancing with my baby.

>new wares


Here are my Hippy Tree mugs and bowl. I’m really excited about sending them to the good folks of Hippy Tree.

And then.. I decided to take the plunge and change etsy shop names. I realized that I’ve been signing my work with my married last name, Pharr. Kinda confusing if you have an item signed pharr from monica bodnar… so I made the switch. Next step is to change my blog.. :/ lol.

next on the list is more whale/alphabet mugs and bowls
most likely some dirty hippie radio
and possibly something awesome for your stroller.


>man.. i am out of etsy shape.

taking pictures (not even good pictures) cropping, uploading, writing a blurb, tagging takes a lot of time. And time is a precious thing 🙂 Hopefully I get faster at this.

but this post gives me another chance to talk about my favorite subject: Hunter!

We had epic tummy time, he lifted his head so high and kept it up!


don’t mind the bugger 🙂